About SCU

about-usSo Cal United Basketball is a new AAU basketball club for middle and high school players in Orange County, California. We are a Non-Profit 501C-3 under the Amateur Athletic Union umbrella offering experienced training and coaching by high school coaches passionate about basketball. SCU was founded by Shelley K. Wong, who wanted to create an affordable yet challenging basketball program catering to the local Orange County area.

Our approach to coaching focuses on individual skill development (70% individual, 30% team). The offseason is a time when players should be advancing their individual skills in order to be better prepared when they return to their middle or high school team. During team training, we emphasize proper offensive spacing and movement, proper defensive rotation, full-court press defense, and team communication.

Our goal isn’t to win all games but to challenge players to learn and grow from them in order to be better every time they step onto the basketball court. It’s not about WHAT the score is but HOW we score. It’s not about WHO we play but HOW we play.

Our philosophy is to nurture the primal passion players have for basketball. Yes, we are competitive but we want our players to have fun, develop confidence, and create lasting friendships with others as passionate about the game as them.

about-gameOur training facility is at Fountain Valley High School where we have access to three basketball courts and a shooting gun machine. Our Fall program has two teams that compete in both leagues and tournaments. They practice once a week, participate in skills training once a week and attend one speed, agility, power, vertical jump training session each week specifically designed for basketball. The Fall program runs from September through mid- November.