• Is there a fee to tryout?
    No, there is no fee to tryout.
  • If I missed tryouts, can my child still join?
    Yes, if there are roster spots available. We try to keep our teams small so everyone gets ample attention and playing time. Interested players can contact Coach Wong at: swong@socalunited.org
  • What are monthly club dues?
    SCU tries to make playing club basketball as affordable as possible. Monthly dues go towards the following: coaching stipends, local tournament entrance fees, website hosting and maintenance, domain registration, gym rental fees for training/practice (which range from $50-$90 per hour), AAU insurance and Club Level 3 membership, administrative fees, and equipment (i.e. balls, pinnies, coach polo shirts, first aid supplies etc.).
  • Do monthly dues cover tournaments?
    Yes, individual tournament fees are covered for up to 2 tournaments a month. NCAA viewings are an additional cost at $75 per player. Not all teams will participate in viewings.
  • If I receive donations, how much will go to my club dues?
    100% of donations can be used to help pay your club dues and/or tournament fees as long as there are no stipulations made by the donor and the donation is under $250. We also accept sponsorships. For more information, please click here.
  • How are coaches selected?
    We select experienced coaches with a coaching background at the high school and/or college level. We also select coaches who share the same coaching philosophy as SCU.
  • Is playing time guaranteed if my child makes a team?
    No, but each coach is expected to provide playing time for players. Players join a club team to get better and part of getting better includes being able to play in games.
  • Do you provide private skills training?
    Yes, Private training is available for SCU and non-SCU members. Coach Wong is the head trainer and specializes in dribbling, footwork and shooting. The rate for SCU members is $35 and $50 for non-SCU members for local training (Mile Square Park, Fountain Valley). You can find out more information here.
  • Do I need insurance to play and practice?
    While AAU provides insurance for our Club and our registered members, every family is required to hold and maintain medical accident insurance for their child in order for their child to be a participant in our Club Program. In the event of injuries or illnesses incurred while participating in our Program’s activities, family insurance is the primary carrier, and AAU is the secondary carrier.