Practice/Game Information

Practices and Playing Time

We keep our teams small so all players get ample playing time and attention both in practice and games. We hold up to two practices a week and a weekly strength & agility training session.

Practices are held playing-gameat Next Level Sports Complex and the JW Warehouse in Huntington Beach. Practice is normally on Sunday (5-6:30 p.m.) or Friday  evenings for 1 1/2- 2 hours (6-7:30 p.m.). Exact practice times for the team will be determined once try-outs have been completed and can change depending on gym availability.

Along with practices, our team will play in 3 tournaments every two months or one league every two months. Most tournaments are on the weekends. Some are one-day tournaments while others are two-day tournaments. Teams are guaranteed 3-4 games in these tournaments. Almost all tournaments we play in are within a 20-40 minute drive from the Fountain Valley area. League normally consist of 8-10 games and are played once a week.

“Coach Shelley Wong had been training my son Devon( 7-years-old) for over a month now and we have seen a tremendous amount of improvement in his skills. Devon’s games are much better now from what he has learned through Coach Shelley. Her coaching has developed my son’s skills, technique, and helped his eye and hand coordination to become faster and more productive. Devon really loves the way his basketball handling has improved…He has been making more shots and making lots of assists for his team. Great work coach!!”

– Julie Pham (Fountain Valley, Calif.)

Check out this video of Coach Wong training with Devon:

Tournament Information

  • Two games usually played on Saturdays & one on Sunday, with exact times and gym locations to be determined just a few days before each tournament by the Tournament Director(s).
  • The game times for the 3rd games on Sunday are always determined and announced late in the evening Saturday afternoons and after all Saturday games.
  • The games for one-day Saturday tournaments are held throughout the day usually one or two hours apart, but sometimes the wait for the 3rd game might be 3 hours, but this gives the kids on every team enough time to eat in between games.
  • ALL players will get substantial playing time. We believe playing experience is a crucial part of player development.